Contact Information

Inner Melbourne studio/stockroom, Australia.

Email: or via the message box.

All enquiries are welcome.


For Sales:

Either direct message or to representative galleries listed below.

Stripe, PayPal (including credit card and Pay in 4), internet banking transfer and decentralised finance transfer in USDC are available.


Bank SWIFT code supplied for international money transfer.


High resolution images supplied on request.

Worldwide shipping

Delivery times vary between one to two weeks.

Please note: Fine art is import duty (tax) exempt in most countries.


Price Guide


Small work to $2000 AUD 

Medium work $2-5000 AUD (from 61 cm/24")

Large work from $7500 AUD (from 122 cm/48")


Small work to $1000 AUD 

Medium work $1-2500 AUD (from 61 cm/24")

Large work from $3000 AUD (from 122 cm/48")

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'Ms. Brooks is a first-rate talent and I have purchased two of her paintings. In addition she is warm and welcoming which makes working with her all the more pleasant. I have reached across 14 time zones to find Ms. Brooks and it was well worth it.' Robert Frieland, 2019.

Terri Brooks palette

‘We have been collecting Terri Brooks’ work since 2001, when we first noticed her work in Melbourne. For the following nine years she became one the most admired artists at our gallery in Sydney, where she exhibited until 2010, when we retired. We currently have nine of her much loved (both large and small) works adorning our walls, and encourage others to add her exceptional artworks to their collections.’ Jan Courtin & Marshall Harris 2019

Terri Brooks Studio