Contemporary artist exhibiting nationally and internationally. Melbourne studio


Brent Hallard, 'Abstraction between order and

chaos - Terri Brooks in an interview' 

Widewalls Magazine, October 11

Link here

On Now:

Coterie to Coterie, Biennale of International Reductive and Non Objective Art, Stores Building, Sydney

'In her seminal 1979 essay ‘Grids’, Rosalind Krauss writes that ‘logically speaking, the grid extends, in all directions, to infinity’. The grid within an artwork is therefore ‘a tiny piece arbitrarily cropped from an infinitely larger fabric’. The paintings in Line and Weight convey both this sense of the infinite spatial grid and, through the building up of layers, the infinite and repetitious nature of time. Washed over, painted across, re-written, line by line.' Anna Dunhill 2019.

'In her artwork, Terri Brooks moves concrete observations to another domain in which they adopt a new nature and quality. Because of this transposition, we as a viewer are challenged to experience reality from a new perspective ...' Curator, Wim van der Beek 2018.

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Victoria, Australia
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